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Barry Forge

Exactly what me and my team were looking for. One site to find affordable accommodation for our Builders. Beds For Builders is the one stop shop.

Hunaid Jussain

If you want real property marketing that works and effective implementation – Beds For Builders’s has got you covered. We’ve used Beds For Builders for the last three years. We have no regrets! Thanks again.

Hunaid Jussain

Pete Zar

Beds for Builders and the team have been amazing in getting my property ‘out there’ in the busy market that there is in the West Midlands area. Would recommend to anyone looking for positive results.

B&B Advertising - Trade Accomodation - Why List With Us?

Beds for Builders has been set up to help link revenue from the construction industry to the tourism industry. Many workers are working away from home all year round and will always be looking for decent, affordable trade digs within easy reach of site. We provide B&B advertising for pubs, hotels, guesthouses and homes throughout the whole of the UK. We charge a one off affordable fee for a years advertising. Beds for Builders is not a bookings based service so we do not take commission. We understand that not all establishments provide contractors accommodation but there are countless others who are more than happy to welcome working men. Most workers on the road often only need places to stay Monday through to Thursday which is a time when many places providing bed and breakfast are trying to fill their rooms.

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