Contractors and self catering accomodations

How To get Direct Booking for Direct Contractors

At, we provide Contractors Accommodation Service for Contractors and Tradesmen working in construction industry in UK & IRELAND.” We have over 1000 accommodation service providers working with us to accommodate Contractors and Tradesmen at their Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments & Houses, Self-Catering Accommodation, Cottages, Caravan Parks, Hostels, Aparthotels, Homestay, Pubs/Inns, Holiday Homes, Fully […]

Contractors and self catering accomodations

Why should accommodation providers invest more in direct marketing to receive direct bookings?

For accommodation businesses such as Hotels, B&B, Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments and Self-catering accommodation, there are pros and cons in using OTAs to sell their room nights. OTAs consist of online accommodation booking sites like,, and These OTAs hold a massive record of hotels in several categories globally. These OTA websites are […]

Choose the Best Accommodation for Your Business Trip

Whether you’re a frequent business traveller or plan your business trip once a year, choosing the right accommodation is extremely imperative. When it comes to a business trip, even the smallest detail in your accommodation will matter a lot. After a long tiring day at the worksite, it’ll be your accommodation that’ll help you spend […]

3 Helpful Tips to Make Your Business Trip More Relaxing

Even though a business trip will mainly involve a hectic schedule, it’s no harm to take a couple of hours and utilize them to have fun. It is always an important thing, even if you are on a business trip, to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. Just like you kick-off a […]

Essential Tips to Plan Your First Business Trip

It is always an exciting thing to go on a business trip. The trip which is planned by your company just for you. You may get some tasks to do while you are on the trip but it can be fun if you are planning and managing it in a good manner. However, when it […]

Understanding the Best Perks of Business Trips

Some people want to have business trips whereas some just want to stay as far as possible from them. But, actually, business trips come with various benefits for you too. On the one hand where these trips can stress you out because of the busy schedules and lots of meetings. But, they come with lots […]

How you can Manage your Work-life being on a Business Trip

Many types of research show that extended business travel can lead to anxiety, depression, and even chronic illness. So, why do so many people travel? Well, for some people it is unavoidable in their professional career. For others, it is a chance to moat a cell, offering new and different experiences. No matter, how frequently […]

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