What are the Elements of a Strong Business Travel Program

If you are planning to minimize your business travel budget, it is very important to plan each and everything accordingly.

Simply, looking for the lowest airline ticket is not sufficient. There are several other factors that you must remember as well.

Here are certain elements that’ll help you develop a strong business travel program for your organization.

Travel Policy

A well written and distributed travel policy is the formation of any great business travel program.

It is very easy to find a well-composed policy, as it can be discovered online quite easily.

The policy can then be modified to reflect the business culture and it should be distributed within the company so that everybody understands it, accepts it and follows it.

One of the best ideas is to have everybody sign a copy of the travel policy to guarantee that it has been read, assimilated and owned by the entire business staff.

Everybody in the business should sign a copy of the travel policy, whether they travel or not.

The travel policy needs not to be long or complex and the travel business policy should consist of only a few pages.

Try and investigate

While a lot of travel programs revolve around the air budget plan, there are many other areas where you can investigate to find the opportunities for saving.

There are a number of places where you need to look, such as you can go and check the rates at your favorite hotels, or the discount rates while renting the automobile with a favored supplier.

It will be often that your travel agency will have discounted rates through agency vehicle contracts. There are similarly some less topical areas that must be investigated.

For example:

If ground transport is an issue, most of the providers will definitely reduce the rates and a direct billing alternative.

A fantastic way is a direct billing plan with the workers serviced apartments and car rental companies that increases the effectiveness and it makes the job of the accounting department much easier.

Difficult and Soft Dollars Contract

The airlines today offer difficult dollars discounts along with soft dollars incentives in exchange for the company’s commitment to their product.

If your air travel program is more than one million dollars, you can secure a discount off of the lowest fares of your provider in choice in return of a market share dedication.

And if your volume is less than the minimum required by the airline company, you will enter in the soft dollar program that is free of charge tickets and upgrades along with tourist status improvements or the airport club passes.

However, these programs are not well advertised, so you might have to look for them or you can ask your current agency to point you in the ideal direction.


It is your responsibility as an employer to dispatch the employees to conduct the business for your company and it requires you to help the progress of their travel safely.

To develop a solid travel security program, it is important for you to cover these key elements that help you to lessen travel risks and provide a safe working environment at the destination of the company’s travelers.

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