How Accommodation Providers Can Receive Commission Free Direct Bookings

How Accommodation Providers Can Receive Commission Free Direct Bookings

Accommodation providers like hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, and service apartments usually prefer receiving direct bookings. This way, they don’t have to pay a commission to the third-party listing website. In most of the cases, especially if it’s a small accommodation business, paying the commission fee becomes extremely challenging.

Reason being, small workers hotels, and guest houses usually provide affordable services to the customers. As a result, they earn a very minimal amount as a profit and therefore, paying the commission fee to the listing website completely wipes out of the picture.

To increase the number of commission-free direct bookings, contractor accommodation providers can look for listing websites which do not charge any type of commission. There are websites where owners can advertise their properties without paying any commission on bookings. They simply have to pay th advertising fees which isn’t as high as the commission fee.

Beds For Builders is one such website where you can list your hotel, homestay, B7B, etc., for as low as £1.00 per day. The website also provides contractor accommodation services. If you’re own a hotel, homestay, or a service apartment, you can also list your property on the website and receive commission-free direct bookings.

Another advantage of joining hands with Beds for Builders is that it gives you the freedom to set the price on your own. Unlike many other online platforms, the website doesn’t involve in specifying the price.

You can charge whatever you feel is appropriate for the property. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the profit margin as you’ll be earning a specific amount of profit for every booking. So, if you have been struggling to receive direct bookings to your hotel, list it on Beds for Builders and witness an increased number of bookings.

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