Long term bookings

One of the biggest advantages of business and contract travelers is that they ensure that you have long term bookings. Where business travelers are available all the year round, contractors are present for prolonged periods of time due to their work schedules. These are two sub-sectors that are rarely off-season. Mostly hotels and rentals work really hard to attract bookings and provide a secure stream of revenue for their properties. But engaging these profitable guests may not be so easy after all.


Long term renting is a lucrative opportunity that seldom real estate property owners would like to let go of.


Benefits of long term bookings:

  • Weeks and months of steady bookings can give you a fixed income. The flow of rentals are consistent unlike the short periods of income, which always sends you scurrying for more potentials


  • Renovations and repairs that are pending can be easily addressed with long term rental payments


  • Everyday costs can be burdensome. Recurring costs can be covered with longer bookings with less guest turnover but a steadier income


  • Property is not exposed to excessive wear and tear due to the influx of short-term guests


  • Long term renters tend to give a better review of your property thus opening up the chances of attracting more customers


  • Consistent rentals provide the landlord with a better peace of mind with high occupancy rates and fewer extended vacancy periods


What do you have to do to attract long term rental bookings?

  • Assess the local business and enterprise requirements. There are companies that hire temporary work force for longer durations. It would be best to collaborate with the local business owners for consistent long-term rental opportunities.


  • Advertise the perks of getting accommodated on your property. Longer-staying guests are always looking for appropriate convenience services and complimentary incentives. Advertise your laundry services, regular cleaning, exercise facilities, privacy and any additional encouraging factors about your property (for example, a transparent cleaning procedure, the provision of a washing machine, a gym membership, etc.). Price these directly to qualify their requirements.


  • Flexible terms of payment will go a long way. This also helps you assess your customer’s cash flow. Clear communication with regard to payments also help.


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