Identifying dodgy landlords specialises in identifying the right kind of accommodation at the perfect price just for you. However, there could be instances that you encounter a house with mouldy bathrooms, fittings that are broken, and appliances that are not maintained. The property’s landlord might even cause a problem.

How to identify a dodgy property?
Look for warning signs early and make your tenancy a smooth and enjoyable stay:
A shabby property: The property should look comfortable and inviting. If it looks unkempt then it only means that the landlords do not really care. Good landlords always see to it that their property is painted, fixtures are working well, and furniture is renewed and unbroken before a new tenant moves in.

Deposits: The landlord should be using a secure account to hold your money. If there is a deposit involved then the landlord should be able to return it back to you easily the moment your tenancy ends.

The agreement: Check the tenancy agreement thoroughly before you sign it. The landlord must also handover a copy to you to read over before you enter into a contract. Besides, you should not be pressured to sign it right away. Since it is a legal document, if you are not careful, it could cost you a fortune.

Notice periods: Before going over to live at your tenancy, there should be a notice period issued before you begin your period of stay. Otherwise, you might just about end up at the property unannounced.

It is the duty of the landlord to keep the property free of any undue breakdowns and problems. The repairs should be efficient and you should be able to escalate any problems within your rental stay easily to the landlord. The legal council’s Environmental Health Department states the things like heating and water are essential and should be provided beforehand. If you feel these are not as per norm, you may want to seek external help to repair it and have the landlord pay for the restoration works. is a leading site that provides cheap accommodation for contractors across the UK.

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