What do hotel guests really want?

This is probably a perennial question that the guests are never asked. But most of the time, the answer is always the same – free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and for some recent entrants such as online check-in. Hotels introduced new technological changes and conveniences because by doing so the guests felt that they were actually in control of their stay and even more when it is balanced with a good on-ground service.


Maybe we are asking them the wrong questions to get the same repetitive answers. Routinely, the guests are handed a tear-off sheet that will reflect a set of bulleted questions that they would answer and these are mostly inclined towards quality. One of the most boring inquiries a guest gets is – How was the service?


The right question should be – how well are the things that hotels are already doing? It just isn’t enough if there are free breakfast and Wi-Fi. How fast is the Wi-Fi? The new technology may be a desirable option but are the guests really getting what they really require?


If hotels were to make basic requirements exceptional instead of just offering new technology the guests’ satisfaction rates would definitely be much better. Finding options to give the guests more, tuning into their ways and then using technology to serve them would be the right approach to executing the amenities with excellence. Even simple things can be done brilliantly. A hotel’s predictive instincts are what keeps it ahead of the game. Knowing what the guests expect is the key to good service.


As far as the usage of technology is concerned there are many secondary technological amenities that can impress the hotel guests. These back office software actually ensure that the guests’ stay is comfortable. Tech-savvy facilities do help with the brand value but if the in-room facilities included devices for housekeeping alerts when battery power is low for example, then it would enhance the existing value of the brand.


Technology can also be used to collate, integrate and analyse data, to automate purchase orders, understand guest behavior and implement short process times. Integrating technology into existing systems to provide exceptional service can get hotels better guest reviews.

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