Great Places to Stay in Barnsley

Historically a parkland, Barnsley was surrounded by ancient villages. Today, it has grown into a buzzing social and business hub. Look for some really cheap places to stay in Barnsley on our website.

About Barnsley:

  • Located midway between Sheffield and Leeds is the town of Barnsley, which is situated on the western bank of the Dearne Valley.

  • It is the largest settlement among a cluster of smaller settlements that surround it, together known as the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley. Formerly, known as an industrial town, it concentrated a lot on glassmaking and coal mining, which later declined in the 20th century. The town centre was constructed sometime in the 1960s and the Metropolitan Centre houses several big brands such as The Body Shop, Marks & Spencer and much more.

  • There were several projects that have been undertaken in the town such as the creation of the Barnsley College’s block, building the Barnsley People’s Museum and Archives Centre and by April 2020, a new area of the town called the ‘The Glass Works’ is being constructed to accommodate a massive shopping area made of steel and glass.

Places to stay for contractors:

B&B has several accommodation solutions for contractors.

  • The many properties available comprise of private rooms, shared bathrooms, living room and kitchen.

  • Private double bedrooms are also available for a minimum term of at least one month at really economical rates.

  • There are also cozy, quiet and newly furbished houses that are very close to the amenities and your temporary place of work.

  • You can also find single and double bedrooms close to the Town Centre. Space availability with amenities is just a 20-minutes’ drive to Leeds. Rooms with pubs and grocery shopping within walking distance provide an excellent value for money.

  • The rooms are also fitted with safety features

  • Get extra people to stay with you once in a while.

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