What challenges do contractors face to book a suitable accommodation?

Contractors can have a tough time booking an accommodation. You not only have to find a suitable space, it should also fit into your budgets. Besides these basic requirements, you are also looking forward to a comfortable long stay that does not cause any impediments in the execution of your project work.


You are trying really hard to overcome and prevent any accommodation nightmares that may be as a result of:

Not having asked a specific question due to a sheer oversight during the booking, or you are in for an unexpected surprise when you arrive at your destination.


  • Due to the long length of accommodation the contractors like to speak to the property owners directly: Most of the time indirect booking through travel agencies may not give contractors the space that they actually prefer for the prescribed time duration. This is because agents are constantly looking to profit from the venture rather than provide the contractor a budgeted stay convenience. Besides, agents, today are not very reliable and can do away with the contractor’s hard-earned money. Contractors usually have to stay at the location till the project is completed. This may involve slightly lengthy periods, unlike leisure or business travelers who would stay for shorter periods. It would be best to speak to the property owner directly instead of through an agent.


  • Contractors like to book directly to receive some sort of discount: While this may be true when you are vacationing, it does not really hold stead when contractors are booking a rental property. When you try to book through the agent, as a contractor, you may not be able to avail of the all the discounts that are available due to the sheer profit-sharing. But when you book directly, the party is well aware of the contractor accommodation rates and discounts and is able to provide you with a better quote.


  • Contractors like to stay at properties those make them feel like home: Since your stay as a contractor is going to be long – till the project lasts actually, you expect a level of comfort or the ‘at home’ feeling. After a long day’s work, you would definitely like to come back to a place that makes you feel that you are at your own house.


  • The distance between the project location and accommodation: As a contract worker, you are given places to work outside and far away from your home. Where commuting every day to such a work place from your home is not a conducive option, you decide to choose an accommodation that is closer to your project. You may have to select from several variants before you get the right kind of place.


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