How can contractors cut on their accommodation cost

The highly competitive hotel industry in the UK plays to the advantage of the contractors. Increased supply only gives way to lower, budgeted rates. Here are some tips that contractors can use when they are looking for an accommodation close to their workplace:


Browse through databases that advertise late availability. Accommodations for a business are usually booked closer to the date of travel and stay rather than leisure bookings that are carried out well in advance. This is because contracts are usually not signed until the last minute. Advance booking rates more often work in your favour. The longer you let it go, budget hotel rooms become dearer. Hotel managers hold discretionary authority when it comes to last-minute bookings. With clear requirements in mind, take a call with the list of late availability databases. You must be warned though that some of the best budget brands do not appear online and nor do they appear on the late availability databases. For drastic rate cuts, there may also be commissions applicable. And then some of the hotels do not publish the complete rate load and instead will only reflect part of the actual pricing.


Before you book, a checklist should be formulated that will provide you with a clarity on the room rate, complimentary breakfast availability, cheaper places to eat outside of your place of stay, car park facilities, Wi-Fi inclusions and cancellation charges. A quick comparison should tell you if you are paying a flex rate and what kind of cancellation fee is applicable.


Multi-night stays at hotels can be relatively more expensive. When you book for multiple nights at a single hotel, they tend to push you into a more expensive category. Instead, if you were to try separate hotel reservations every night, they would certainly work out to be a cheaper option. When you are booking a hotel be sure to check individual nightly rates. Not only will you get fresh linen each time, hotel staff tends to be courteous for a single stay too.


There are several hotels that let you use their voucher and discount codes that are displayed online. There are also websites that specialise in locating such codes. Connect with bigger hotel chains through social media to make the most of the vouchers that they have to offer.


Use B&B Advertising to book your rooms! Hotel rates can be sky high especially when your contractual or business travel happens to fall during the festive season.  At the time, everybody has booked the rooms that are available rendering hotels completely full besides the unrealistic hotel and bed breakfasts.


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