Assessing the requirements for worker’s accommodation

Worker’s accommodations do carry some regulatory frameworks. Contractual workers are entitled to adequate housing in their location of work. Project managers usually take sufficient steps to ensure that the workers are fully compensated and allocated an accommodation that best suits their requirements at lower costs.

  • The rental accommodation should not cost more than a reasonable portion of the contract worker’s income. The renting arrangements should also be fair and should not involve a speculative profit at any point.

  • The landlord should be able to repossess the property within a reasonable timeframe in the event of a termination of the contract of the worker.

  • In return, the workers are entitled to a prolonged period of continued occupancy and a fair compensation, till they complete the project or cease to be employed by the concerned project.

  • The workers during their occupancy should be able to enjoy their fundamental human requirements and freedom of association.

  • Special attention is paid to housing standards such as the supply of safe water, dwelling in spaces where the worker has all household facilities. Along with this contractors’ accommodation should have appropriate protection from cold, heat and other natural weather conditions. They also provide proper sanitary facilities and a suitable degree of privacy within the premises from other members or owners of the household. The accommodation should also have adequate ventilation and washing facilities for the contractors’ benefit.

  • When single workers are separated from their families, they are provided with all the conveniences including recreational and health facilities either within their premises or close to their rented place.

Builders also ensure that general living facilities are good and the living space conforms to all safety standards and protects workers from any form of hazard. It is important the workers’ accommodation remains unaffected by the operational aspects of the work site, but at the same time, the project is situated close to the temporary living space to avoid undue travel and commuting. All heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation should be available to keep the worker healthy and comfortable.

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