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A part of the South Yorkshire Council, Askern is a town located on the A19 Road that lies between Selby and Doncaster. The industrial estate of Askern is located in The Humber Region, which is also a part of the Doncaster North Constituency. This small farming village grew in the popularity sometime in the 19th century, when the lords of the manor started building Manor Baths. With its 5 bath houses, by the end of the 20th century, Askern was considered a spa and a Hydropathic Establishment was developed to source its famous water.

When a good seam of coal was identified near Askern, it turned into a coal mining hub during the early 20th century. It then became a thriving pit village welcoming people from everywhere to live and work in the area. The township started getting a mixed background and as the coalite works opened, Askern became the place for high employment opportunities and till today provides a pleasant environment to live and stay.

Bed and Breakfast facilities in Askern are available close to Leeds, places near the airport, in a rural location that is close to York, attic rooms in a cottage, comfortable places in Thorganby and in many more inns in the area. You can avail of private living spaces with a large dining table in the common area with congenial single-seating chairs. There are baths with showers, rooms with high ceilings, and some even with garden access. There are also houses with some rules attached to them such as “no smoking” and “pets not allowed”. Most of the rental spaces come with a flexible cancellation policy, where the service fees can also be refunded.

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