Bawtry one of the best places to stay

The closest towns to Bawtry are Gainsborough, which lies in the east, Doncaster in the northwest, Retford in the southeast and Worksop in the southwest. Find some really wonderful places to stay for contractors in Bawtry only at

  • The small market town was originally a Roman settlement, which gradually developed. In fact St. Nicholas established his first church here.

  • For the travel and tourism industry Bawtry does have a lot to offer:

    • It has the Bawtry Paintball & Laser fields a place meant for kids to enjoy. The staff is fantastic, the place is brilliant and there is also archery and knife throwing.

    • Then there is the Limited 2 Art Gallery that is inclusive of a shopping mall, informative staff and a completely refurbished flower showroom located on Market Hill. The gallery has some of the best art pieces on sale. The building is iconic and the location is amazing.

    • The Bawtry Farmers Market is an ancient market town that has a variety of stalls. The samples are tasty to consume and the local businesses are placed in an absolutely cozy setting.

BnB in Bawtry:

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  • There are listed farm houses that have award-winning accommodations meant especially for contractors.

  • The buildings are nuzzled together harmoniously and have a beautiful view of the country side.

  • Some of the farm houses come with traditional furniture, private bathrooms and a BBQ area.

  • You can also get fresh continental breakfast, with tea and coffee available.

  • Extra people can also be accommodated at no additional cost.

  • Take advantage of friendly and amenable private rooms that have train access to major cities.

  • With free parking on the premises, the lodgings also provide the essentials, heating and wireless internet.

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